Unique Ideas for New Year’s Resolution Including How To Achieve Them

It’s that time of the year, where we reflect on the past, and consider where we might want to take our life in the future. A New Year’s Resolution is the perfect way to commit to making positive changes in the year to come.  

The problem is that many times, we make the same resolutions over and over again. Every year, committing to losing weight or improving our fitness, only to quit halfway through January.  

When things don’t change, we can blame ourselves and question our willpower.  When really, there is likely something wrong with the types of resolutions we set, or the way we set our goals.  

There must be a better way.  

What if you could set New Year’s resolutions that help you to achieve your goals? So that you can build up the qualities needed to support you with making significant changes in your life.   For example, taking a Mindfulness and Meditation Course will help you learn how to slow down and focus on understanding why you think, react and behave in the way you do.  

In doing so, you can then consciously decide if your desires and actions are necessary and aligned with your dreams. 

Surely that approach would be life-changing. 

If you made mindfulness and meditation your New Year’s resolution, you set yourself up for many benefits rather than trying to accomplish one big end goal that is difficult to achieve when you don’t have the skills to help you get there. 

And so with this idea in mind, here are 3 more unique New Year’s resolutions that you can use to change your life.

1. Study How To Build Lean Muscle

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to build your body mass, or to lose fat which is quite a broad goal try getting more specific. 

If you were to study more about the ways muscle works, how to build lean muscle and all of the technical elements of building lean muscle you will become more motivated toward your higher goal for the long term.  You’ll also be inspired to test out your knowledge. 

By the end of the year, you may have lost weight, or built your body up, while thoroughly enjoying the process.  You will also have a skill which you could turn into a money-making opportunity! 

If building lean muscle doesn’t inspire you, consider a fitness training course and turn it into a passion. 

2. Learn How To Manage Your Time 

Sometimes we don’t accomplish our goals and New Year’s resolutions because we are just poor time managers. Making a New Year’s resolution to learn how to master time management throughout the year, by taking a Time Management Training and implementing what you learn is another resolution that can help you accomplish all of the goals you’ve tried to focus on and failed over the years. 

You may find that you also gain more time to enjoy life, have fun and reach your bigger goals in life.

3. Try Something Different For A Year

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. 

We might do it at work, in our lifestyle, through the food we eat, or the way that we think about things. 

There’s a famous quote by William S. Burroughs;  “When you stop growing you start dying” which is very appropriate to this resolution idea.  

Anytime we are stuck in a rut we are dying in that area of life. Which means that by focusing on these areas where things are a little stagnant you change the course of your life in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable. 

You might want to learn a new way of eating and focus on this new eating style for the next twelve months.  Or even learn a new skill like dog grooming, or something else equally as random but also potentially enjoyable. 

Go for that promotion, retrain to get a new job or take up a new hobby to switch up your social life. 

We guarantee that if you try making changes in stagnant areas of your life, that by the end of 2023 you’ll be delighted at how much you’ve accomplished this year. 


The traditional way that we look at New Year’s resolutions don’t help us, they hinder us, and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We often make resolutions to fix a huge problem that would take significant effort and resources to accomplish. It’s hardly surprising that we let them go before the first month of the year is out.  

When you take a different approach, and target the route of the problem. You manipulate your own psychology, and the results of such trickery will lead you to be surprised at how, as if by magic, you finally lost some weight, became stronger, slept better and stopped making bad decisions.  

There’s always more than one way to accomplish something, so why not give this approach to New Year’s resolutions a try this year?

February 16, 2023

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